Vinyasa 60  & Vinyasa 75

Vinyasa means "breath-synchronized movement". In Vinyasa yoga classes, movement is coordinated with breath to flow from one pose to the next. You can expect to flow through a few sun salutations during a Vinyasa class. We also work on balancing postures, core & spine strengthening, hip openers and always end class with a relaxing savasana. The Vinyasa 60 class is 60 minutes long & Vinyasa 75 is 75 minutes long. Music is typically played during each class.

Vinyasa Basics

During this 60 minute class, we will flow through a basic Vinyasa practice, linking movement with breath. This is a great class both for beginners just starting out with their yoga practice, as well as for the more advanced yogis wanting to fine-tune the basic poses in their practice. During this class, you can expect to flow through sun salutations and learn basic poses typically taught during a Vinyasa class. Extra attention will be focused on alignment in the postures. If you are new to yoga, we recommend starting with the Vinyasa Basics classes.

Yoga Sculpt

During the Yoga Sculpt classes, we will incorporate the use of free weights into the Vinyasa flow practice to add a bit of strength training and toning to the practice. Bicep curls, squats, shoulder presses and a few push-ups are a few of the exercises which will be added into the normal yoga class to create resistance and build strength. Previous yoga experience is recommended before taking a Sculpt class.

Sunrise Vinyasa

Get your day started off right with a lovely 60 minute Vinyasa class! Wake your body up with your breath, get energized with a 60 minute practice, and clear your mind for the day ahead. Watching the sun rise as you practice is beautiful!

Candlelight Yoga

The Candlelight classes are a lovely way to unwind from your day & declutter your mind, as you flow through a 60 minute Vinyasa yoga practice. Candles are lit around the room, the lights are dimmed, and soft music is played during these classes to set a nice, calming ambiance for your practice.

Restorative Yoga

The Restorative classes move at a slower pace, with additional attention focused on alignment and holding the postures. This is a great class to disconnect from the craziness of the work week & pay some attention to tired, sore muscles. Give yourself the opportunity to revitalize your body & mind during this 60 minute class.

* The heat in the studio typically hovers around 95 degrees with increased humidity during our classes.

Modified holiday schedules will always be posted on the MindBody website


6:00-7:00am Sunrise Vinyasa

9:30-10:30am Vinyasa 60

5:30-6:30pm Vinyasa 60

7:00-8:00pm Candlelight Yoga


10:00-11:15am Vinyasa 75

6:00-7:00pm Vinyasa 60

7:30-8:30pm Vinyasa Basics


6:00-7:00am Sunrise Vinyasa

9:30-10:30am Vinyasa 60

6:00-7:00pm Yoga Sculpt

7:30-8:30pm Candlelight Yoga


10:00-11:15am Vinyasa 75

6:00-7:00pm Vinyasa 60

7:30-8:30pm Restorative Yoga


6:00-7:00am Sunrise Vinyasa

9:30-10:30am Vinyasa 60

5:30-6:30pm Vinyasa 60


7:00-8:00am Vinyasa 60

8:30-9:30am Yoga Sculpt

10:00-11:00am Vinyasa 60

11:30am-12:30pm Vinyasa Basics


8:00-9:00am Vinyasa 60

9:30-10:30am Vinyasa 60

4:30-5:30pm Restorative Yoga