Beth Steffens was first introduced to yoga and pilates during a lifestyles physical education class in high school; this experience paired with 20+ years of dance lessons sparked a new hobby over the past 15 years. Interspersing yoga with cycling, running, and teaching dance, Beth was invited to teach in 2011 at a local hot yoga studio where she also completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification. With a practice rooted in balance, alignment, and usually corny jokes, Beth strives to create an accessible learning environment where all levels and intentions for practicing can be met.

As an analytical type-A personality, Beth has found that yoga is the best tool to get out of your head and listen to your heart. A consistent yoga practice can become a great rehearsal for life. You will fall, you will not be perfect, you will stand up and try again, you will accept the imperfections, and you will stop placing unnecessary expectations on yourself.